I am listening

In each moment do I come to know more fully what this is about, why I am here: To look and to see. To listen and to hear. It has been me all along. It is true. It has, and no one can show you the way of that. Some things we must come to know in that one moment when all aligns and receptivity … Continue reading I am listening

It depends on what you desire

We cannot miss that which we let go. To miss is to misunderstand the letting go. To miss is to linger long-lasting in a past that no longer has a face, has lost color, has removed itself from the richness of the present. Some things we are unable to see—stuck there on the turntable where the record has scratched itself into new lyrics. What of the … Continue reading It depends on what you desire

Between space and intimacy |the self|

We choose. This is the path of life. We make choices. Even not making a choice itself is a choice. They lead us into spaces and places that reveal the “I” inside of the self. That is the journey of life: encountering the true self. Who through bright eyes dim sees the core of himself and nods? Who through dim eyes bright turns away afraid … Continue reading Between space and intimacy |the self|