Episode 44: Bringing Ourselves to the Present (now)

NOTE *Perhaps eight minutes in the screen goes black and there is only the audio. Not sure what happened, but it is my hope that this doesn’t prevent you from continuing to listen to, and enjoying, the message.* Today’s episode is about the power of the present and how we can practice bringing ourselves fully into the moment. It is when we are able to … Continue reading Episode 44: Bringing Ourselves to the Present (now)

An Ode to San Miguel de Allende

I woke this morning at five-thirty, tossing and turning a bit before reaching for my phone and perusing Instagram. It’s dark out here in San Miguel, though amber lights can be seen in the distance, twinkling against the black backdrop of the early morning sky. It’s quiet, yet sound breaks through as though sneaking around, tiptoeing through the dark. There’s the faint bark of a … Continue reading An Ode to San Miguel de Allende

The way has been made

I’ve danced with you because I’ve known no other way. I sit still at your feet where the touch of your garment is made easy. I reach always for you. The light. And the way is made clear. Within. You exist even when I forget my way, when my attention shifts and clarity goes confused. Then you call me. Your voice, an echo that the … Continue reading The way has been made


How far do I go inside? How deep the waters that cover me. I am lost there in the sinking drown. I’ve swam beyond my ability to swim. I’ve reached shores that have drifted there in the distance/away. I’ve been alone in my aloneness. I’ve visited the inside where the dark of the cave reflected light/your voice heard/thunder rolling skies. The echo of my soul reverberating … Continue reading Humility

Night light

Because I can only stand here, I can’t stand there. Some things aren’t meant to dwell together: Light. Dark. We come to see the seeing of our sight when we open ourselves to the light. Dark, too, has a purpose: Reminds us of what is and what is not. Reminds us of where we are and where we are not. Reminds us of the people … Continue reading Night light