Kissiah Young, MSW

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Hello Spirits!

Thank you for taking a moment to spend time with me here in this space of allowing. That is my intention here: to allow. I’m a poet and writer with an appreciation for authenticity and living in harmony with that which is nameless, yet known by many names: Infinite, God, Oneness, Divine, and whom I refer to as the All or Life or Highest Vibration or—It isn’t in the name, it’s in the knowing.

As for my background, I have a master’s degree in social work from the University of Southern California. Of my varied background, my near-decade spent working in hospice care has my heart. Life is impermanent. All things inside of life, too, are impermanent. Part of the magic of hospice, is that it reminds us of that. I should say, it reminded me of that and was certainly a driving force behind my decision to quit, sell what I had, and leave my life in Northern California for San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where I lived for nearly a year before moving to Atlanta June 2018, then back to Northern California in August.

I have no idea where my road will go, yet I do know that Life leads me always to a deeper sense of wonder, awe, and gratitude for the All. Life is vast and wide and I’m riding the current of Its goodness knowing that I am always, always held, sustained, and carried by the Magic. Join me here, which is there, wherever you are.



It all comes and goes, like breath. Life. Pages turn through chapters until the period finds its place at the end. All things lead to the ending, a beginning through layers never before seen. We look with fresh eyes within that we might come to see clearly the journey of who we are.


17 thoughts on “Kissiah Young, MSW

  1. Hello Kissiah,

    I usually read a lot of books; am glad I found your book “The Truth Exposed” near my apartment, read around 40pages, when am through the pages I see that even I went through the pain which you have expressed…I just wanted to say thank you…as it made me realize few things are/were really have significant value no matter what age you are at!

    I would love to express my feelings but am really scared!

    Trust me you have great skills, keep writing. God Bless.

    Thanks for writing..

    1. Thank you for your expression. It truly reveals alignment when we find ourselves encountering that which affects us. May it continue to be so that we practice our alignment.

  2. Mark!

    How very wonderful to encounter likeness even as we change inside this life vibration. Thank you for your presence. May we be lifted.

  3. its amazing how one fall deep with with words. i can’t recall our initial cyber introduction (maybe 6+ years) but what i do know is i really enjoy your words of kindness, words of truth, life and wisdom, words of comfort, joy and the simplicity of ordinary-everyday life. my eyes vision this of you. i enjoy your words. your explanation and expression of ALL things. you are truly an amazing woman and i am thankful to be such a small of your journey.

  4. Deanna,

    Thank you so very much. How beautiful your expression. I am both touched and moved to be seen in such a way. Deep gratitude.

  5. Thank you for that, Franklyn. I appreciate your kind words, and for taking a moment to express. May we live inside the practice of life!

  6. Blessings to you Kissiah
    So many beautifully written pieces, the peace within you truly shines through. The “allowing” of your inner self to express is wonderful to share, and as we are all physical expressions of this universe the universal truth you speak with resonates deeply. Very inspiring. Love and light to you.

  7. Drew,

    I receive the love and light that you have sent; I also return it that we might always remember our interconnectedness. Thank you.

  8. You sound as though you are seeking for truth. So I’ll challenge you to pray to the God of the Israelites, and ask him if he is real to reveal himself to you.
    I recently prayed to not be deceived and have learned many incredible things in a short space of time.
    BTW, you can see some of his incredible works in a movie on youtube. There is a movie titled “Against all Odds” in search of miracles. You’ll need to type in both of those statements to find the right movie. A few hours out of your life to see is someone else is right, isn’t too much… right?

  9. Hello Kissiah,

    Thank you for the depth and breadth of your reflection on Oneness, especially as given today. I know this flows both from and to The Divine. I’m grateful for your offerings, presence and for the frequency you keep. Truly so.

    Namaste, dear one.

    1. Jae,

      It is with complete gratitude that I receive your expression. I am moved. Thank you. May we continue to allow. I find that this is the best part of existence: allowing Oneness to be inside, and to pour forth.

      (In your words) Truly so.


  10. Hi, may please I use your elegant circle/lotus graphic in my to-be self published book on the feminine principle in Buddhism?

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